Testing Services

Hindlow Technical’s range of specialist test services is aimed specifically at the environmental and hazardous area industries. Using our partner suppliers we can provide a comprehensive range of test facilities. All our equipment meets International standards of accuracy to give the best possible confidence.
Our test facilities are open for use by international test and approval organisations as well as manufacturers.

Flameproof and Explosion testing

Some examples of our explosion test capabilities are below:

Flameproof and Explosion testing
Flameproof and explosion proof equipment. Electrical and non-electrical devices Determination of maximum explosion pressure.Non-transmission of explosion IEC 60079-1UL 1203
FM 3615
HV motors High Voltage fault explosion tests IEC 60079-7 & IEC 60079-15
Fuel dispenser cables Gas and flame migration EN 13617-1
Cable entry devices Transmission tests CSA C22.174UL 1203

FM 3615

Engine inlet and exhaust systems Determination of maximum explosion pressure.Non-transmission of explosion EN 1834

Flame arresters and blast devices

Our partners can provide comprehensive advice and facilities to enable design verification and pre-test as well as meeting international standards for performance testing.
flame arrestors
Flame arresters and blast devices
Flame arresters. In-line or end-of-line. Deflagration or detonation Transmission tests IEC 16852EN 12874
FM 6061
UL 525
USCG 33CFR 154
Safety containers Arrester tests FM 6051/2
Blast dampers Verification and overpressure tests EN 1127-1:2007

Bursting discs and vents

Production and verification tests EN 15089

EN 14797

Environmental & Ingress protection

Use our fully calibrated and accredited endurance testing facilities for temperature and humidity testing. Exceeds the requirements of IEC 60079-0.

Hindlow Technical’s comprehensive Ingress protection facilities can test any size of equipment up to 10,000 m3 for water and dust ingress. Tests to ISO 60529 (left) or NEMA 250 (below).

Engines, ancillaries and spark arresters

We are proud of our unique facilities to test hazardous area engines and ancillaries.
We are not aware of any other facility able to offer our spark arrester experience or capability.

Need to convert you engines for use in hazardous areas? Our facilities and partners can supply a full range of conversion advice, parts sourcing and tests. Temperature rating, spark arresters, flame arresters and engine tests and assessment to International standards

Fuel dispensing Forecourts & gas stations

Hindlow Technical’s staff specialise in vehicle re-fuelling applications. We have an almost unique knowledge of European dispensers and ancillaries, including vapour recovery systems and addressing all modern fuel applications whether it be petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG or Hydrogen. Our comprehensive test facilities include tests to:

Fuel dispensing Forecourts & gas stations
fuel dispensers EN 13617-1
Swivels EN 13617-4
Safe-breaks EN 13617-2
Under-pump shear valves EN 13617-3
Vapour recovery systems EN 13617-1
EN 13463-1
Dispensing nozzles EN 13012
Tank overfill valves EN 13616
LPG dispensers EN 14678-1
LPG dispensing nozzles EN 13760