Test Equipment Services

Hindlow Technical is proud to partner Paul Vaines Engineering Services one of the UK’s leading provider of bespoke test equipment specifically aimed at the environmental and hazardous area industries. The range of custom-build test equipment is endless and all comprise precision test assemblies for specifically for compliance to international standards. All equipment is custom built to your requirements. Take advantage of our experienced design team to discuss your exact needs. See some recent examples below.

All equipment is fully guaranteed and backed-up by technical advice and spare parts.

Intrinsically safe break flash tester

intrinsically-safeIntrinsically safe break flash tester meeting IEC 60079-11, UL 913, FM 3611 etc. Our flagship product and the very best available. Precision manufacture and far exceeding any accuracy requirements.

Break flash is fully automated with speed and height adjustment and is fitted with safety systems avoiding any possible failure consequences. This bench-top unit is very discrete and compact and designed to be used with your existing gas supplies. Gas mixing and monitoring can be provided

Ancillary and calibration components such as calibration inductor, tungsten wire cutter and spare discs also available to make up the full suite of test facilities.

You cannot buy this product with this quality elsewhere. Fully guaranteed and with technical back-up.

Flammable gas mixing systems.

flowmeter_1Custom built systems for installation in your laboratory or portable for on-site use. High flow systems for use with Flameproof equipment for example IEC 60079-1 or UL 1203. Accuracy can be a problem in changing pressure and temperature conditions. Our mass flow controller and software control give constant compensation and the very best accuracy. These systems have been the subject of audits from accreditation bodies worldwide and are recognised as meeting, and exceeding, the requirements for all explosion test standards.

Explosion test monitoring facilities.

Hindlow specialises in custom built test facilities either from a ground up build or incorporating your existing equipment. Our unique software controlled data logging and recording systems ensure highly accurate explosion pressure monitoring exceeding the requirements for flameproof enclosure in IEC 60079-1 and UL 1203.

It is common to install complete gas mixing and explosion monitoring equipment in a single package. The result is some very slick and innovative design, hardware and software, customised to your needs.

Dedicated pressure testing systems

PumpPortable or fully installed systems wherever protection relies on enclosure strength. Pump sizes and capacities rely heavily on anticipated leakage rates. Our existing designs range from 1800 psi (124 bar) to 6000 psi (400 bar) at 4 gal (18 l) per minute leakage. Single or three phase supplies or with integral engines for increased power and portability. Supplied with hoses, fittings and gauges if required.

‘Ex p’ purge kit

exp-1Designed to exceed the requirements of IEC 60079-2 or NFP 496. State of the art and fully software controlled. ‘Plug and play’ digital technology allows you to set levels, flows and conditions to monitor purge times for both heavy and light gasses. Current designs have up to 32 inputs but are expandable to give the very best confidence.

Designs are fully portable and come in their own transport cases to enable on-site testing or use in the laboratory. Laboratory fitted systems also available.
These systems are in use by test laboratories and manufacturers around the world each to individual specification.

Ingress Protection equipment

ingress-1Our equipment meets the requirements of IEC 60529 and NEMA 250. From individual spray nozzles to entire deluge assemblies. Dust cabinets from 0.25 m3 to 10,000m3. Chambers can be supplied with many options including vacuum pump and vacuum/flow monitoring. The best and most practical designs available. All our equipment is custom built to your individual requirements and can be installed in your premises or supplied as individual parts. Contact us for our bespoke service.

Our dust chambers, unlike the conventional cabinet types, guarantee that suspended dust volumes meet the required standards. Additional easy access by means of lift off cover limits the traditional dust spillage and ensures samples are undisturbed during assessment.

Small component multi-purpose test equipment.

small-component-test-1We are not aware that anyone else can manufacture this quality product to meet the fault assessment requirements of IEC 60079-0 for small electrical circuits, bulbs, relays and sparking contacts. Available with custom fittings for the specific components under test.

Test fixtures

Mandrels__2_Huge range of specially machined fixtures to enable testing and development of hazardous area equipment and components. We supply to test laboratories worldwide and will custom build to your exact requirements and specifications.