Hazardous Area Services

Hindlow Technical specialises in all areas of hazardous area (HazLoc). From area classification and zoning to test and approval of equipment, component and protective systems.
Whether your equipment requires ATEX, IECEx, North American or International approvals, Hindlow Technical can guide you through the process. Contact us first for information. Our specialists include deep mining experts and re-fuelling, both forecourt road vehicle applications and commercial systems.

‘Ex’ Protection Concepts

Hindlow Technical boast world experts in explosion protection concepts for electrical and non-electrical equipment for use in both gas and dust atmospheres.

  • Oil filled ‘Ex o’to IEC 60079-6
  • Increased Safety ‘Ex e’to IEC 60079-7
  • Zone 2 ‘Ex n’ to IEC 60079-15
  • Purged ‘Ex p’ to IEC 60079-2
  • Dust atmospheres to IEC 60079-15
  • Powder filling ‘Ex q’ to IEC 60079-5
  • Encapsulated ‘Ex m’ to IEC 60079-18
  • Non-electrical equipment to EN

Hazardous area assemblies

Most assemblies do not require expensive third party certification in Europe but manufacturers are required to carry out a full assessment and produce a technical file. Use our assessment service to determine the requirements of assembled machinery, from generator and compressor sets to lift trucks, vehicles and installed plant. Comply with the latest Hazardous Area legislation.

Hazardous area zoning and risk assessment services

Why not let Hindlow Technical take the sting out of the mandatory requirements for area zoning. Assessment and approval to National and International codes from individual machines to entire plant. Hindlow Technical is proud to Partner ‘HazRes’ risk and computational specialists.